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    Respected investors:

    Dear investors,

      Inorder to ensure the safety of your assets and trading, safety precautions asfollows are strongly recommended by qy188千亿国际_qy88千亿国际_千亿国际886vip:

      I.Make sure the online trading software was downloaded from qy188千亿国际_qy88千亿国际_千亿国际886vip’website (www.hsqh888.com/www.hsqh.net).

      II.It is recommended to strengthen protection of important information, such asfund account number and trading password. It is not recommended to set toosimple numbers or letters, such as your own ID card number, phone number, dateof birth, and name in pinyin as the password; the password should be updatedfrequently. When entering the password, prevent any other person from stealinga glance at the password; do not disclose your password to any other person.

          III.Online trading is an Internet-based act through which the computer, networkcommunication and application software transmit information to one another.There is still technical defect in the security of online transaction,therefore, in an online trading, a client may be exposed to certain risks, andsome operations, such as trading matching, bank-futures fund transfer,settlement, delivery and receipt, may be susceptible to the attack by anintruder and a computer virus. Spread of virus is possible where there isInternet. For the purpose of preventing virus, please promptly install andupgrade antivirus software and the firewall, and update virus bank as well assystem patch.

           IV.Before the downloading of the software, it is recommended to thoroughly scanthe device on which the software is to be installed to check if there is anyvirus. 


           Before an onlinetrading, a client should know software functions and basic operations (byreading the software user manual, which can be downloaded from the company) inorder to avoid unnecessary loss due to misoperation.  


    The 18 year old classic futures software, one of the mainstream futures software of domestic futures market, supports futures and options, and has many servers, stable operation and thoughtful service. This is an intelligent trading software, set market, analysis, and order for one, the operating characteristics of the pursuit of simple, high-speed, convenient. More professional trading functions introduce click into view. Latest function: support the night market and trade.