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    Huizhou Businessmen

    Introduction to qy188千亿国际_qy88千亿国际_千亿国际886vip Co., Ltd.

               qy188千亿国际_qy88千亿国际_千亿国际886vip Co., Ltd., founded in February 1996, is the first futures company in Anhui Province, whose incorporation was approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the first one in the Province accredited for futures brokerage business. 

    Headquartered in Hefei, qy188千亿国际_qy88千亿国际_千亿国际886vip has set up 30  offices( 4 branch offices and 26 business offices) in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,Dalian, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou and Wuhan; it also founded qy188千亿国际_qy88千亿国际_千亿国际886vip International (Hong Kong) Limited in Hong Kong and Huifeng Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Free Trade Zone. As a member of the Securities Association of China, China Futures Association and Asset Management Association of China, qy188千亿国际_qy88千亿国际_千亿国际886vip has also been granted with the clearing membership at Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and China Financial Futures Exchange as well as the membership at Shanghai International Energy Exchange, and is qualified for commodity futures, financial futures, futures investment consulting, asset management and fund consignment sale. 

    Ever since its foundation in 2007, qy188千亿国际_qy88千亿国际_千亿国际886vip has had a rapid rise in market share, thanks to the capture of opportunities and new ideas; it has developed by leaps and bounds, with its clients and profit increased by more than 100 times, and at present, it boasts of over 110,000 clients. In terms of return on equity, it has been rated Top Two among China’s futures companies for five consecutive years, during which it topped the industry in 2013 and 2016. Over the years, it remains one of Top 10 futures companies in China in both trading volume and amount, and in 2012, had the second largest trading volume in the Chinese commodity futures industry. In 2018, it achieved a trading volume of 140 million lots, with a turnover of RMB 8.54 trillion. It is ranked top in Anhui futures trade in terms of business indicators, taking up about 50% of trade shares in the Province.